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RADIESSE is an FDA-Approved injectable implant that is used for subdermal implantation at the Oaks Medical Spa in Baton Rouge. RADIESSE can restore a more youthful appearance to the skin by correcting facial folds and wrinkles. Once injected, RADIESSE continues working with your body by stimulating it to produce more collagen. This allows Dr. Thomas Guillot’s Baton Rouge patients to enjoy a more refreshed appearance. These results frequently last up to a year (or longer). RADIESSE can restore lost volume, smooth out the face to reduce the signs of aging and lift sagging areas of the face.

RADIESSE is perfect for:


RADIESSE is a dermal filler that contains extremely small Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres. These microspheres are suspended in a gel carrier. We know that CaHA is a safe option because it has been used for years. It has been used in orthopedic, dental, laryngeal and otology applications. A skin test is not required with RADIESSE. Once injected, the CaHA microspheres begin stimulating the body to create new, natural collagen that will increase volume and smooth the skin. As time passes, the body absorbs these microspheres, leaving the natural collagen behind.

The Results

Although each of Dr. Guillot’s Baton Rouge patients is unique, many of his patients enjoy the benefits of RADIESSE for up to 12 months.

Initial RADIESSE Consultation at The Oaks Medical Spa in Baton Rouge

During your RADIESSE consultation, Dr. Guillot will want to know about any medications that you currently take. This includes over-the-counter medications, vitamins and herbal supplements.

Blood thinners and other medications that interfere with the ability of the blood to clot can increase the possibility of bleeding and/or bruising at the injection site. For this reason, Dr. Guillot advises his Baton Rouge patients to discontinue the use of aspirin, Vitamin E supplements and Advil at least 7 days before their scheduled procedure.

Once Dr. Guillot knows what issues you would like him to address at his facility in Baton Rouge, he can give you his expert opinion on filler placement to achieve the results you desire.

During your initial consultation at The Oaks Medical Spa in Baton Rouge, please feel free to address any concerns you have about your RADIESSE procedure. Doing so allows Dr. Guillot to discuss your concerns with you.

The RADIESSE Procedure at The Oaks Medical Spa in Baton Rouge

1. The injection site will be cleaned using an antiseptic.
2. Dr. Guillot applies a topical anesthetic.
3. If necessary, Dr. Guillot will perform a dental block to ensure the area is adequately numbed.
4. Using an extremely small, very fine needle, Dr. Guillot will gently inject small amounts of RADISSE into the skin.
5. Following your treatment, you will receive an ice pack. This ice pack is applied to the areas injected with RADIESSE to assist in reducing the incidence of swelling.

What to Expect Following Your RADIESSE Treatment at The Oaks Medical Spa in Baton Rouge

Directly after your RADIESSE dermal filler treatment, you should expect to experience some redness, bruising and/or swelling in the actual treatment areas. These signs generally disappear within a couple of days and are usually mild in nature. Although not every patient experiences these symptoms following their RADIESSE treatment, it is important for patients to know that these incidences may occur and are not considered out of the ordinary for this type of treatment.

Restrictions Following Your RADIESSE treatment

For the first 24 hours following your RADIESSE treatment:

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Guillot’s office. The majority of patients feel comfortable following their RADIESSE procedure and return to their normal activities immediately after their RADIESSE dermal filler treatment.

To learn more about the RADIESSE treatments available in Baton Rouge, contact Dr. Guillot’s office today. We are happy to assist you in your quest to reduce the signs of aging.