SlimLipo performed at our Baton Rouge plastic surgery center.

The SlimLipo procedure uses an advanced laser body sculpting system called SlimLipo which features fat melting laser wavelengths that gently liquefy fat. The liquefied fat is then permanently removed from the body, using a medical suction device, through a few tiny incisions. Its superior minimally-invasive technology means you’ll achieve a slimmer look with minimal downtime.

The SlimLipo Laser heats the tissue which results in tissue retraction, resulting in smoother contoured surface. Dr. Feldman will first discuss your medical history and goals for the procedure and whether slimLIpo is right for you, what results you can expect, and how much your slimLipo body contouring procedure will cost.

SlimLipo Before And After Photos

SlimLipo Before & After(Click Here To See More Photos)

You can expect to eliminate, localized areas of fat- almost anywhere on the body- which are resistant to diet and exercise. SlimLipo is safe for men and women, common areas for treatment include the stomach, (bra bulge), chin, neck, love handles, thighs, chest, back, and upper arms. SlimLipo can also help correct traditional liposuction skin irregularities and help smooth out unwanted dents and dimples and further tone healthy skin.

Because SlimLipo is gentle on the body, Dr. Feldman will give you the choice of using I.V. sedation or General anesthesia, if choosing l.V. Sedation, during the procedure allowing you to stay awake and quickly resume your normal daily activities. There may be a slight pinching and minimal discomfort when I.V. sedation is administered. Because the SlimLipo body sculpting system uses precision laser technology, there’s no “ripping” and “tearing” like in traditional liposuction. Most patients feel nothing but mild warmth during the process.

Dr. Feldman performs all of his procedures at First Choice Surgery Center located on our Campus next to our office The Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa. First Choice Surgery Center has four surgery rooms that are set up and equipped and staffed to handle all procedures to ensure our clients receive the best care. The SlimLipo laser is cleared by the United States of America and Food and Drug Administration for laser-assisted lipolysis.

The Recovery for SimLipo typically, is a fraction of that of traditional liposuction. Many patients resume activity immediately following the procedure, and may go back to work the very next day. You may see slight bruising at the small incision sites, which may take up to a few weeks to completely resolve. Compression garments may also be required for a short period of time. Dr. Feldman will give you post- procedure instructions to follow and tell you what to expect and you will follow up with him at The Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa.