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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction at our Baton Rouge office

Women who have extremely large breasts frequently suffer with back pain, neck pain and/or other physical ailments: The weight of the breasts usually causes these issues. The majority of women who decide to have a breast reduction with Dr. Thomas S. Guillot at the Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa in Baton Rouge are pleased with their results. Males with abnormally large breasts, which is a condition referred to as gynecomastia, may elect to have a male breast reduction as well.

Common Reasons Women’s Decide to Have Breast Reduction Surgery in Baton Rouge

Women in Baton Rouge elect to have a breast reduction procedure with Dr. Guillot to resolve numerous troublesome issues, including:

Although there are instances when a breast reduction is performed during the teen years; however, waiting until the breasts have fully developed is recommended.

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, removes excess breast fat, grandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breast. Some patients may need a implant for desired results.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photo Gallery

Breast Reduction


What to Expect at Your Breast Reduction Consultation in Baton Rouge

To ensure that you receive the best results possible, you need to be completely open about all the reasons you are interested in a reduction.

Prior to your breast reduction procedure with Dr. Guillot in Baton Rouge, you will discuss your medical history and your family’s medical history; in addition, if you have had medical conditions relating to your breasts, you need to be prepared to talk about these with Dr. Guillot.

Other issues addressed include tobacco use, medications, herbal supplements and vitamins you are currently taking, as well as whether you use recreational drugs.

Dr. Guillot may decide to take pictures of your breasts. He may also measure them and discuss how much tissue he needs to remove to accomplish your goal.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Baton Rouge

This procedure lasts anywhere from two to five hours. You receive general anesthesia; therefore, you will sleep throughout your procedure with Dr. Guillot. Generally, a breast reduction procedure is an outpatient surgery; consequently, you need to bring a licensed driver with you to The First Choice Surgery Center on the day of your procedure.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Once the general anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Guillot makes an incision around the nipple: he continues the incision downward. When complete, the incision resembles a keyhole. Excess fat, tissue and skin are removed and the nipple is repositioned to a point higher on the breast. Dr. Guillot may use a drainage tube as a means to reduce the amount of swelling you experience following your breast reduction procedure. Once the breasts are stitched, they are wrapped with gauze. You will also receive a surgical bra to wear.

Preparing for Your Breast Reduction Surgery in Baton Rouge

You may need to have a breast exam and mammogram before your breast reduction procedure in Baton Rouge.
Dr. Guillot may order lab tests to be completed before your procedure.

You need to discontinue taking medications that thin the blood. These medications include aspirin, Aleve and Motrin.

Smoking inhibits the body’s ability to heal itself, you need to stop smoking for at least two weeks before and after your breast reduction procedure with Dr. Guillot.

Create an At-Home Recovery Station Prior to Your Breast Reduction

Before your breast reduction procedure with Dr. Guillot you need to create a recovery station.

Your recovery station should have:

Ask a trusted family member or friend to remain with you for the first night following your breast reduction procedure in Baton Rouge.

What to Expect After Your Breast Reduction Surgery

Returning to School or Work After Your Breast Reduction Procedure in Baton Rouge

The majority of women return to school or work about a week following their breast reduction procedure; however, there are people who need to rest for a couple of weeks. Dr. Guillot and his staff will assist you in scheduling your follow-up appointment for the removal of your stitches and bandages.

Insurance and Breast Reduction Surgery in Baton Rouge

This procedure is considered a reconstructive surgery; therefore, in the majority of cases, insurance will cover this procedure. However, each insurance company is different: Dr. Guillot recommends that his patients contact their insurance company prior to their breast reduction procedure to find out if it is covered under their particular insurance policy.

If you are interested in learning about a breast reduction in Baton Rouge, contact the Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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