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Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery is a solution for anyone who’s lost 60 to 300 pounds and has excess skin on their breast, back, trunk and thighs. Extremely obese individuals often experience a loss in skin elasticity due to the skin stretching from the increased volume of weight.

Candidates for body lifts include patients who have lost weight on their own, undergone bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is a common procedure in which the stomach and intestines are modified to make weight loss an achievable goal. Whether through surgery or improved nutrition and fitness habits, shedding significant amount of weight leaves you with pounds of loose skin. The only way to tighten the skin is through surgery.

The body lift procedure Dr. Guillot performs is also known as a belt lipectomy and is an extensive surgery used to remove excess skin from the lower body. A body lift improves the shape and tone by removing excess skin and the underlying fat. Excess sagging fat and skin are caused in part by poor tissue elasticity. A complete lower body lift treats the buttocks, abdomen, waist, hips and thighs in one procedure.

Dr. Guillot will perform your surgery at First Choice Surgery Center in Baton Rouge Louisiana, a fully accredited surgical facility. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. First Choice Surgery Center only use board certified anesthesiologist as well as professional assistant, and certified nurse anesthetist for all surgeries.
Preparing for your body lift at The Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa will include discussing a number of questions about your health, desires and lifestyle with Dr. Guillot at your consultation:

To ensure the best results from your body lift procedure, be prepared to discuss:

Body lift surgery involves making an incision at the waist or slightly below it and removing excess skin and closing the skin under some tension. The incision length and pattern depends on the amount and location of excess skin to be removed. Most commonly, a body lift treats both the abdomen and the back area and is therefore circumferential. The incisions Dr. Guillot makes when performing the body lift are placed in the natural folds of the skin where they will be less visible and can be hidden, if possible.

A body lift may include these areas:

A Complete Lower Body Lift

A complete lower body lift treats the buttocks, tummy, waist, hips and thighs in one procedure. A circumferential incision around the body removes an apron of excess skin and fat and repositions and tightens tissue.

Dr. Guillot may recommend a combination of liposuction and body lift procedures to achieve an improved overall body sculpting. Support sutures deep within the skin help form your newly shaped contours. Overall skin reduction may be done in stages, over a period of years, as often only one or two areas of the body are addressed at one time. Dr. Guillot will make recommendations about the best strategy to address all of your needs in the safest and most efficient manner.

Body lift procedures are performed under general anesthesia. The amount of time it takes to complete the surgery varies widely depending on your individual needs.

Body Lift Results

The results of a body lift procedure are visible almost immediately, but final results may take several months to fully develop depending on your individual needs. While scars will remain, the overall results are long lasting through maintaining a stable weight and exercise.

Body Lift Recovery

Recovery following your body lift procedure, dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions. A small, thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect after the surgery.

Body lift is a major surgical procedure and requires significant recovery time. Pain and discomfort are first managed with intravenous or intramuscular medications, and later with oral pain medication. A specific diet may be encouraged and Dr. Guillot will guide you on how to reduce the risk of complications.

Dr. Guillot will also provide you with a medical compression garment to wear at all times except while bathing. Surgical dressings are generally removed two days after surgery with showering allowed at that time.

Your post-surgery activities will be restricted until you have had plenty of time to recover. Restrictions may include avoiding exercise and lifting of five pounds or more. Walking is encouraged after surgery; however, further exercise is not recommended until sufficient healing has occurred.

Most people require four to six weeks of recovery time before returning to normal activities, and generally, they should wait from six to eight weeks before exercising. There cannot be any pressure placed on the treated area. Approximately 75 percent of the swelling subsides at six weeks and 90 percent at three months. It is important to follow up with Dr. Guillot for all post recovery appointments and follow all post care instructions.

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All About Body Lift Surgery

Regrettably, when an individual loses a substantial amount of weight he or she is frequently left with skin that sags and fat deposits in various parts of the body, especially the midsection. These after effects make finding properly fitting clothes a challenge; in addition, the sagging skin increases the likelihood of developing a skin infection. The good news is that Dr. Thomas S. Guillot is a board certified plastic surgeon in Baton Rouge who offers an extremely effective solution for these problems: This solution is a body lift at the Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa in Baton Rouge.

Types of Body Lifts Available in Baton Rouge

The locations of the additional skin dictates whether a patient will benefit the most from an upper, lower or mid body lift; furthermore, patients who have excess skin throughout their lower body, midsection and extremities can undergo a combination of these procedures (referred to as a total or full body lift).

Use Self-Examination to Determine Your Candidacy for a Body Lift

If you have excess skin that sags and/or fat deposits that will not budge, you should consider having a body lift. Perform this self-examination to determine if you might be a candidate for a body lift with Dr. Guillot. This self-examination focuses on three areas of the body targeted with a body lift in Baton Rouge: the outer thighs, the abdomen and the buttocks.

Perform these three self-examination techniques while standing in front of a mirror that allows you to view your entire body.

1. Self-Examination of the outer thighs

Pinch the loose skin on your hips. When you pinch this skin, you should be able to see how this action lifts your hips and thighs; additionally, your legs become elongated appear to have a slender shape. If you find these changes appealing, you may want to consider having a lower body lift at the Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa in Baton Rouge.

2. Self-Examination of the abdomen

While looking at your abdomen, place your thumb at the top of one section of the skin on your lower stomach. Next, place the four fingers of the same hand beneath the skin on your lower abdomen and gently lift. If you are happy with the way the pubic mound lifts and how the skin looks when tightened, you should consider a lower body lift with Dr. Guillot.

3. Self-Examination of the posterior buttocks

Perform this examination with your back facing the mirror. Looking over your shoulder, reach back and use the palms of your hands to lift both sides of your buttocks. This action gives you an idea as to what a butt lift with Dr. Guillot in Baton Rouge can accomplish.

Dr. Guillot Customizes Every Body Lift Procedure He Performs in Baton Rouge

Since every patient is unique, Dr. Guillot customizes his body lift procedures to meet the needs of each specific patient.

Insurance Coverage for a Body Lift

Although in the majority of cases health insurance will not cover a body lift, sagging skin that causes skin irritation, infections or other health concerns may prompt them to cover a portion of your body lift costs. You should contact your health insurance company prior to scheduling your body lift with Dr. Guillot in Baton Rouge to discuss the possibility of insurance coverage for this procedure.

Paying for Your Body Lift in Baton Rouge

At the Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa, we offer our patients convenient payment options, we accept cash, major credit cards and checks; in addition, we offer credit financing options through United Medical Credit and Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Dr. Guillot and his staff dedicate themselves to helping their patients attain the body they have always wanted. If you are interested in a body lift or any of the other procedures offered at the Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa in Baton Rouge, contact our office today.


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