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5 Benefits of CoolSculpting | The Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa

The thought of eliminating fat cells from troublesome areas of the body without the need for surgical intervention may seem unbelievable; however, technological advancements have made this possible. At The Oaks at Goodwood Med Spa in Baton Rouge, we offer our clients the innovative CoolSculpting procedure. CoolSculpting is a safe, effective, FDA-approved procedure designed to remove fat cells in certain areas of the body through a controlled cooling process. The CoolSculpting process targets and kills fat cells: These fat cells are eventually flushed out of the body through the urination process.

Here Are The 5 Benefits of CoolSculpting

1. Safe

Scientists at one of Massachusetts General Hospital’s branches created the CoolSculpting process and it is the only FDA-approved fat freezing technology available.

2. Effective

CoolSculpting targets and then destroys the fat cells, which are shed through the body’s own natural processes. This procedure aids in reducing fat in troublesome areas of the body (e.g., the hips, lower abdomen and upper abdomen). Each procedure eliminates about 20 percent of fat and offers a natural-looking result. Once they see their CoolSculpting results, many of our clients adopt a healthier lifestyle.

3. Non-invasive

Unlike the Bariatric surgeries for fat reduction, individuals who choose to have a CoolSculpting treatment will not be given any artificial substances and surgery is not necessary. The CoolSculpting process involves a controlled cooling of the target area.

4. Quick and No Downtime

Many clients have their CoolSculpting treatment while they are on their lunch break. Clients frequently take a short nap or read a book during their procedure. None of these activities can be performed during other more invasive fat removing procedures. Furthermore, clients can return to their normal activities directly after their CoolSculpting treatment. With this noninvasive procedure, there is no recovery time needed.

5. Lasting Results with Increased Self-Confidence

Diet and exercise do reduce the size of fat cells; however, these cells remain in the body. When left within the body, these fat cells have the ability to increase in size once again. CoolSculpting kills the fat cells; therefore, they are permanently removed from the body. The body does not replace these fat cells, consequently, any excess weight gained in the future will occur in areas that were not treated with CoolSculpting; thus, offering a more even distribution of fat throughout the body.

Following a CoolSculpting procedure at The Oaks at Goodwood Med Spa in Baton Rouge, clients frequently enjoy a boost in their confidence levels. Clothes fit and look better making him or her feel more confident. Happiness is frequently portrayed in the way an individual carries himself or herself. With a boost of self-confidence, individuals frequently display a more positive attitude in the workplace; furthermore, many clients notice an improvement in their personal life as well.

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